FACE 2018 – Facial Trauma Workshop ,MERF, Chennai

FACE  2018 – Facial Trauma Workshop Under the aegis of Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head And Neck Surgery In association with FACE ACADEMY & MERF ACADEMIA Venue: MERF, Chennai, Tamilnadu. India                              Date:29th& 30th December 2018   Modules Face 2018 – Facial Trauma Course has been designed into 6 modules
  1. Adult Trauma Life support – Basics
  2. Basics of Facial Trauma – Airway Management, Radiology, Buttress,  Occlusion, İnstrument & Maxillo Mandibular Fixation ( MMF )
  3. Upper Face – Frontal & Frontal sinus Fracture
  4. Mid face Fracture – Zygomaxillary Fractures, Lefort Fractures, Naso Orbito Ethmoid Fractures ( NOE ),  Orbital Fractures
  5. Lower Face – Mandible Fracture
  6. Facial Aesthetic related to Facial Trauma
   Highlight this course:
  • Each module consists of
  • Basic Theory
  • Practicals – Hands on –  includes saw skull bone, complete set of Titanium Implant & Instrument required will be provided.
  • Case / scenario discussion with clinical material
  • Module 1 covers the how to assess and handle any a trauma patient
  • Module 2-5 covers covers the Anatomical basis along with clinical assessment and decision making in depth onto the various aspects of Facial Trauma surgeries.
  • Module 6 covers Facial Aestheticrelated to Facial Trauma
  • Pre workshop materials
  • Pre workshop & Post workshop assessment
  • Limited to 20 Hands on participants & 20 Observers
  All this has been planned into 2 days to give you the best possible exposure to Renowned faculty from all disciplines and various Schools of Thought.We Sincerely believe in helping you to gain insights into the dynamic Concepts of facial Trauma & Related Facial Atheistic procedures.   Course Objectives :
  • Unique course targeted for ENT Surgeons with special interest in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgery as their subspecialty.
  • The main objective of this course is to impart knowledge to manage facial trauma & Facial Aesthetic related to Facial Trauma procedures in our daily practice.