Each module consists of

    • Basic Theory


    • Practicals – Hands on – includes saw skull bone, complete set of Titanium Implant & Instrument required will be provided.


    • Case / scenario discussion with clinical material


  • Module 1 – Assessment  and management of trauma patient


  • Module 2-5 – Applied surgical anatomy and clinical assessment along with decision making in depth onto the various aspects of facial trauma surgeries.


  • Module 6 –  Facial Aesthetics and management  related to facial trauma


  • Pre workshop materials


  • Pre workshop & Post workshop assessment


  • Limited to 20 Hands on participants 


All this has been planned into 2 days to give you the best possible exposure to Renowned International and National faculty from all disciplines and various schools of thought.We sincerely believe in helping you gain insights into the dynamic concepts in the  ever changing and evolving field of  facial trauma &related facial astheitic procedures.