About FACE Academy

        Face Academy has been formed with the intention of developing and promoting this  subspeciality  amongst  ENT surgeons with similar professional interests in India


     Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is relatively a new speciailty in the Indian subcontinent with contributions by Plastic surgeons, Otolaryngologists, Ophthalmologists, Maxillofacial surgeons and Dermatologists in an orchestrated fashion.


      FACE Academy has been established now after successful ventures in conducting hands on workshops and conferences over the past 5 years . The main aim of FACE Academy is to provide structured training program in the field of Facial Trauma & Facial plastic Surgery. There is a structured training programme under the aegis of Indian Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck surgery. The feedback has been encouraging to say the least.


    ENT surgeons interested in Facial Trauma and aesthetic surgery of the face are invited to participate in these unique courses which comprehensively creates a foundation for further clinical expertise in definitive management of Facial Trauma and related dysfunctions.


     The courses have been designed to suit the daily needs of a ENT surgeon with special interest in Facial Trauma & Facial Aesthetics which focuses more on the practical hands on experience along with applied theory in the related field. The subject matter and course materials are provided to the registered participants  before the commencement of the course to prepare oneself better for the hands on experience. Pre assessment & Post Assessment performance tests are conducted during the course for self improvement and better skill acquisition.